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Hello. My name is Lisa Ashton

I became a dog training instructor in 2012 when I completed the residential course with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. The APDT course is a reward-based training method which I found to be a great benefit in my teaching.

In 2016 we got our 4th dog Summer from the amazing guys at Many Tears Rescue. She was 5 months old and a very troubled dog. Goodness knows what she had experienced.

At first, she cowered and ran when meeting my other 3 dogs, barking loudly around our garden. She ran and barked at people and other dogs on a walk. My training made a big difference with her but then she had to have a hip replacement which meant many weeks immobile.

Any progress we had made went out the window and we were back to square one. I knew then I needed something more. Something to help her build confidence and optimism. To help calm her down when needed and deal with her frustration.

That’s when I discovered about Absolute Dogs and their amazing game-based dog training course.

I was so impressed with the results this new dynamic and fun method of training produced, I signed up and completed the Pro Dog Trainer course.

Lisa Ashton certificate

I am now part of the community of trainers that believe in getting great results with their dogs through inspiration rather than force and intimidation. It’s made up all types of people united by a belief that everything is possible with games.

  So many dog training courses encourage mindless repetitions, repeated exercises and challenges and a lot of walking in circles usually around a village hall. Owners are then surprised and frustrated that these results simply don’t translate to real-life.

Using this method of teaching I now see amazing real-life results with dogs of any age.

Summer is now a dog that can come anywhere with me, who listens and has a brilliant recall. I can trust her off lead and to respond to me. I include her with my training of other dogs when needed to help with real-life situations.

My training has taught me that it doesn’t matter what start in life your dog has had or how they were when you got them. There is no cut off point for socialisation and confidence building. Dogs from any background can be taught to be calm, focused and responsive at any age.

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